About Optimus Robotics

Founded in 2019, Optimus Robotics was created to lessen the STEM gap via robotics classes, interviews, and journalism.

Our classes, targeted to low income elementary schoolers, were created to inspire interest in engineering.

We interview leaders in robotics to hear expert insights, inviting founders, inventors, and CEOs to share their stories.

Our article series, all published on external sources, are meant to excite readers about up and coming robotics developments.

Rupali Batta

Founder and Chairman

I’m a first-year undergrad at Caltech studying CS and competing with the robotics team. Since middle school, I've been involved in First and VEX robotics at the national stage. I founded Optimus Robotics to share the joy of understanding STEM with my community.

Madi Lloyd


I go to Notre Dame High School, and I'm a senior. Throughout my life, I’ve always enjoyed my math and science classes. I joined Optimus Robotics to not only share STEM opportunities with the next generation, but also to use journalism to impact a large audience.

Ria Radtke

Ria Radtke

Director of Outreach

I go to Cupertino High School, where I'm a senior. I have been involved in Space Cookies robotics for two years and enjoy it immensely. I decided to join Optimus Robotics because it's a great opportunity for me to better my leadership skills and make a positive impact.

Amber Gupta

Amber Gupta

Director of Education

I'm a currently a senior at Westmont High School. My experience with robotics has inspired me to use that background to share comprehensible lessons on STEM for children around the world, which is why I joined Optimus Robotics!